CLOUT –– when & where?

Clout is taking place on 13-14 of July 2022, in ArcelorMittal Steelworks, Warszawa Młociny
CLOUT gates open at 3PM and close at 3AM.
Do not arrive before the indicated opening time.
There is no camping or accommodation provided on CLOUT grounds.

What are the opening hours?

CLOUT grounds are open from 3PM until 3AM both days (13-14 July)
Hypemarket will be taking place on festival grounds from 3PM until 10PM. The concerts start at 6PM and go on until 1AM; from 1AM to 3AM you can enjoy the After Parties.
Do not arrive before the indicated opening times.
There is no camping or accommodation provided on CLOUT grounds.

How old do I have to be to come to CLOUT?

CLOUT is for everyone! At the same time, remember –– if you’re not 16 years old yet, you should be accompanied by someone of legal age. Participants below 18 years old will receive a special wrist band.

Do I need to have ID on me?

Yes! It is always good to have identity proof on you. Especially in the case of CLOUT TICKET –– a photo ID is necessary to check the holder’s identity. At the entrance, it might also be necessary to verify the participant’s age.

Can I leave CLOUT and enter again?

Sure ;) after your ticket is scanned, you will receive a wristband, which will show us on which days you can access CLOUT grounds. With the wristband, you can easily move around the festival area.
Remember – the wristband is for you only, you cannot share it with other people.

Can I withdraw money on festival grounds?

There will be no ATMs on festival grounds. You can pay electronically or with cash. There is a shopping mall nearby (Galeria Młociny) and a couple of money withdrawal points.

Will there be a cloakroom?

Yes, we will provide storage for a minor fee. At the same time, keep in mind that we can only arrange a limited amount of (small) lockers – it is therefore better to leave your valuables at home. The organizers of CLOUT do not take responsibility for the loss of damage of any (valuable) goods.

Can I bring a bag onto festival grounds?

It is not allowed to enter the festival with large bags or backpacks. We accept bags up to A4 size (thickness around 10 centimeters).

Can I charge my phone on festival grounds?

We will provide special charging points on festival grounds, it will also be possible to rent out a powerbank.

Is CLOUT accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes! There will be platform provided for anyone with disabilities. We also offer adapted sanitary facilities. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that CLOUT is an open space concept and we cannot guarantee 100% accessibility. On festival grounds, you will find our volunteers, who will be there to assist and help you!
Would you like to have access to a parking spot? Contact us at get@clout.pl to get more information.

What do CLOUT scenes look like?

The first edition of CLOUT has one main stage and a party area. You can find a detailed description of festival areas on the CLOUT map.

Does the festival provide first aid assistance?

Of course, our medical staff will be there to provide first aid assistance. You will find all the first aid points on the festival map.

Who is the organizer of CLOUT?

CLOUT is organized by CLOUT Sp. z o.o. appointed by the concert agency BIG idea and Hypetalk.

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.

You should be aware of the risks and consequences of alcohol and drug use. Drinking alcohol on festival grounds is strictly forbidden for those younger than 18 years old. All the underaged will get a special wristband at the entrance. Those of legal age, providing alcohol beverages to the underaged will be punished as well. In any case of occurrence of such events, both parties will have to leave festival grounds and face the repercussions. Smoking is allowed in open air areas only. It is forbidden to smoke in buildings and tents. Drug possession or use is strictly forbidden on festival grounds.

Where can I access the Terms & Conditions?

Terms & Conditions can be accessed through this link here

Party responsibly

We cannot wait for CLOUT! Enjoy the music and the party over the two days. No matter how fun it is, make sure to always be aware of the risks. It is important to remember of such hazards as exhaustion, dehydration or the risks of alcohol consumption.

Be yourself!

At CLOUT, we want everyone to be themselves and feel comfortable. Treat follow participants respectfully. We are aware of the fact that undesired incidents can occur under the effect of alcohol, that is why we ask you to enjoy yourselves responsibly. CLOUT is created by people, so take care of one another, and at the same time of the general ambience of the festival. We do not tolerate any kind of violence or harassment (also sexual).
If you feel like you’ve been harassed – let us now. There will be medical aid and security present to make sure you are safe. They will take care of you and contact the people, who can help you further on. All of our staff will gone through proper training and know what to do in such cases.
You are safe on CLOUT!

Can I get accommodation at CLOUT?

Unfortunately we do not provide camping grounds.
We’re close to the Metro Młociny station, and you can get to the city centre from there easily.
While looking for accomodation, we would advise using online booking services. We’re sure you will be able to find something nearby! ;)

How can I pay at the festival?

You can pay by cash or electronically.

I have an allergy, what can I do?

Our suppliers might take the most common allergies into account – make sure to let them know before making your order. If you’re unsure of your allergy, you can always ask for alternatives.
You need medication? Make sure you’ve got a valid prescription on you, so the security can let you in.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into festival grounds?

You cannot bring your own food or drinks on festival grounds.

What kind of cups do you use?

On CLOUT, we use PLA bio cups. The cup looks resembles regular plastic, but is made out of biomass, which makes the recycling process easier. Because of that, using them is much less harmful for the environment.

How much are the tickets?

The ticket price varies accordingly to the ticket round and type.
All prices include service costs.
To find out more, go to here

PASS #0: 24h SPECIAL - 235PLN - two-days pass
PASS #1: CLOUT - 265 PLN - two-days pass
PASS #2: REGULAR - 295 PLN - two-days pass
PASS #3: LAST CALL - 325 PLN - two-days pass

Tickets / PASS differ only in price. For the most demanding we offer COMFORT PASS.
Dedicated band exchange point, queue entry, parking space, bar bottle service, food corner, premium sanitary facilities.

Tickets are available on our website under Tickets and on the website Goingapp.pl
Order your tickets through those channels only to make sure that your ticket is real and valid.

Where can I purchase the tickets?

Tickets are available on our website under Tickets and on the website Goingapp.pl
Order your tickets through those channels only to make sure that your ticket is real and valid.

I didn’t get a ticket / I lost my ticket

When you log in into your account on Goingapp.pl, you can get the purchased tickets back. If you forgot your password, get in touch with support@goingapp.pl

Are there VIP tickets available?

At CLOUT, we are all equal, but for those who value comfort, we have prepared COMFORT PASS, which provides a dedicated band exchange point, queue entry, parking space, bar bottle service, food corner, premium sanitary facilities. The number of COMFORT PASSES is limited.

Is my ticket real? How do I find out?

Purchasing second-hand tickets is your own risk. We recommend buying tickets from our authorized distributors only: Goingapp and Empik.

Can I share my wristband with other people?

No, that is not allowed. Your wristband is personal. You are not allowed to give it to someone else, if you cannot be there. The Going team will be checking the wristbands at the gates at all times.

Do I have to print out my ticket?

Don’t print, we’re eco-friendly and we care for our planet:)
You can have the electronic version of your ticket or use the Going app.

How do I get to CLOUT?

CLOUT is happening in the industrial space of Warsaw Steelworks; the address is Jana Kasprowicza 132, Warsaw; Bielany; metro Młociny (last stop).

Using public transit?

If you’re arriving from the main railway station (Dworzec Centralny) or the city center in general, it is best to take the metro!
It’s just 9 stops from the city center. Get off at the last stop (Metro Młociny) and follow the yellow CLOUT signs – the festival will be right there.
On weekdays the metro runs from 5AM until 12:10A

Apart from the metro line M1, there are multiple day buses going to Metro Młociny:
114, 156, 184, 203, 210, 250, 409, 712, 511, 750, 103, night buses: N01, N02, N41, N44, N46, N56, N58
and tramways: 2, 6, 10, 33, 11, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 35.

Tickets can be purchased through ticket vending machines, and might also be available in some newsstands or corner shops.
You can also purchase tickets online.
The rate sheet can be accessed here.

Keep in mind that the festival will be going until late, and that limits your options.

Traveling by car?

Set your GPS to Jana Kasprowicza 132 and from there – follow the yellow CLOUT signs guiding you to the parking. There is a Park and Ride zone near Metro Młociny, where you will need a parking ticket, available at the parking meters.
Nevertheless, we would advise using public transit as the traffic can get heavy in the vicinity of festival grounds, and parking spots are limited. We do not provide festival parking, so public transit should definitely be a quicker option.

Can I cycle to the festival?

Yes, there will be bicycle racks available.

Will there be an area to stop with a car nearby?

There will be a KISS&RIDE zone by the entrance, just follow the yellow signs.

Is it allowed to take pictures at the festival?

Yes, even encouraged! You can take pictures, but using amateur digital cameras only (optical zoom below 6x) and traditional amateur compact cameras. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring in any professional cameras or other audio-video recording devices.

How can I protect my ears?

We would advise to protect your hearing using the method most convenient for you.
Check out the festival map to find out where you can get hold of earplugs.

I have a request for CLOUT

That’s possible! In case of press inquiries, email us at get@clout.pl If you have other requests, contact us

I have a TIP regarding the line-up!

Amazing! Remember to share your tips on the official Facebook event for CLOUT. Our bookers will be following your suggestions.

I have more questions!

WAll the necessary information should be found on this site, but if you have any other questions, reach out to us at get@clout.pl or just DM through Facebook!

I have a complaint

We are sorry, that you have complaints regarding the festival. You can also file a complaint at get@clout.pl

Got questions? Suggestions? Write to us!